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Mi Headphones – namely so-called new headphones from Xiaomi. Is a classic semi-open headphones. The diaphragm has a diameter of 50 mm andmade of beryllium. This lightweight and durable material has found wide application in aviation and space, and now in audio.

To make the most efficient and lossless transfer the sound from the source to the listener uses silver-plated cable, which has excellent conductivitycharacteristics. The headphone cable is protected by a braid of Kevlar coating.

The graph shows how much Mi Headphones outperform the competition (red Headphones Xiaomi). The vertical scale shows distortion, and the horizontal frequency (kHz).

Resistance (impedance) of headphones is 32 ohms. There is a classic three-button remote control. On linings used leather.

Mi Phones are easy to transport they can be folded.

Headphones obtain a very light, their weight 220 grams. Available wide range of different accessories for the Mi Headphones.

Mi Headphones

The large aperture of 50 mm diameter metal Aerospace

Hi-Fi-audio sound, high fidelity

Aperture of aerospace metal, its sound

Large aperture 50mm

Aperture is the basis of the headphones, as playing a decisive role in the sound quality. For unrivaled sound quality, acoustics engineers picked up a lighter, stronger material for the diaphragm with good conductivity of sound. They found that the metal which is used for aerospace vehicles, has a very high rate of conduction of sound, its mass is very small and thus it is several times stronger than steel. Therefore, this material was used to create the headphone diaphragm, whereby we obtain a high frequency, precise and more natural sound with better sound conductivity.

The larger the aperture, the better the performance of the headphones, powerful and loud sound shakes us. The diameter of the aperture is 50 mm Mi Headphones, an increase of 25% compared with other similar headphones, even better bass performance. Simultaneously, we relied on design “sandwich” with the two outer layers of PET material is used and placed in the middle layer of metal aerospace. Due to the elastic properties of PET material, we are able to enjoy the rich, and powerful surround sound. Excellent structure, large aperture and its properties create a “rich” and surround sound, paying attention to all the little things and details, and fills the sound of explosive force.

Aerospace metal                                               The diameter of the aperture more on

construction “sandwich”                                                                   25%

Excellent conductivity of sound, sense of presence at the concert

Headphones semi-open, clear reproduction of each note

In order to have the feeling of presence at the concert, we have carefully designed acoustic headphone structure. Improved sound field, so you can hear every note of a violin or piano, which soars from all directions in space. Headphones semi-open, balanced noise reduction, thanks to the integrated special damping materials, the adsorption efficiency of the diaphragm internal reflection of sound waves, reducing the distortion of the sound volume and polyphonic sound. The unique structure of the headphone, which can significantly reduce the possibility of the transmission of noise. Protect from external sounds, and now there is no interference to enjoy listening to music.

Volumetric stereo

Listen to the sound of different instruments

Built-in special damping material

Reduction of external noise

Silver plated cable, Hi-Fi-audio sound, straight design

Using Kevlar braid for cable that is resistant to stretching, the microphone of the American company Knowles

High-quality oxygen-free copper cable ensures efficient silvered signaling. Independent left and right channels, which are separated at the output of the microphone. We have avoided the use of the welding wire of the cable, thereby maximum minimize the potential for interference, and the sound became more pure and of high quality.

Headphones are fully compatible with Mi phones with Android. Integrated MEMS microphone from the American company Electronic Knowles – even smaller, but with high stability, with better sound quality and a clear voice transmission.

Properties of Kevlar is the same as in the headphones Mi Huosai Piston,

resistant to stretching and tangling

Knowles microphone cable for multi-

The use of sound effects to your phone

Low resistance, there is no need for an external amplifier

In very many similar headphones resistance level is quite high, so when you play music through the phone sound quality is greatly reduced. The Mi Headphones we used a composite of aerospace metal diaphragm, the sensitivity level is high enough, low resistance – 32 Ohm. Therefore, you have the opportunity to enjoy excellent sound effects. No need for an external amplifier, connect directly to phones, tablets, MP3-players and other devices. Great sound quality. Be sure to take it with you on the street Mi Headphones!

32 Ohm 

low resistance                               direct connection to the phone

The characteristics and properties of the headphones Mi Headphones are not inferior to expensive counterparts

Low distortion, high efficiency

Mi Headphones are of very low distortion, better and more expressive playing of melodies, clear sound of each note

Comparison of Mi Headphones with other major models for 1000 yuan

Mi Headphones AKG K551 Sennheiser Urbanite

The use of aluminum metal alloy leather headband

The weight of 220g, equivalent to the weight of headdress

Headphones are made of aluminum alloy, which can effectively reduce the impact sound by acoustic resonance structure that betrays music more certainty. Despite the fact that the headphones are made with metal, it does not make them cumbersome. Their weight 220g, which is equivalent to the weight of the headdress. Headband headphones middle of a high-quality coating of the protein of the skin, which is very soft and gentle, so after prolonged listening to music, you will not have discomfort. The inner part is filled with a soft foam, so that you would be comfortable wearing them.For the outside of the headband, we used high-quality PU leather. It is environmentally friendly, retains the natural texture of the skin is very pleasant to the touch. Also on the top there is a red seal, which shows widespread delicate work of designers.

Aluminium alloy

high quality PU leather

headband of the protein of the skin

weight 220g

Standard Equipment – 3 kinds of comfortable ear pads

The use of stainless steel, not chucks, which are very difficult to break

Standard Equipment – 3 kinds of comfortable ear cushions, which are designed for different needs. Small ear cushions are suitable for listening to music on the street. Large ear cups better, they are more convenient and more suitable for use indoors. Both types of foam ear cushions are filled with high quality, so they are very soft and greatly reduce pressure on the ears. The outer layer consists of high-quality environmentally friendly protein of the skin, with a high sound insulation, it reduces the possibility of penetration of outside noise and at the same time prevents leakage of sound played through headphones, so even late at night you can listen to your favorite music and not disturb others. For even more enriched the sound we give as a supplement Hi-Fi ear cups, which we have used high-quality, more breathable foam and beautiful zvukopronikaemost reduces distortion.

Headphones are made of stainless steel in order to reduce the possibility of discomfort after prolonged listening music. This material is strong and resilient, yet very flexible, so it is not easy to break. As a result, testing the headphones on people with different forms of the head, we have received the appropriate radians, so you can easily enjoy music and on what not distracted.

Hi-Fi ear pads Little Big ear cushions ear pads

Convenient folding design headphones

Leather case as a gift, you can easily carry in your bag

Mi Headphones are very comfortable, you can easily fold and store them. When folded, the headphone footprint is equal to the size of the Mi Note.You can easily put them in a bag in a durable leather case to prevent damage.

Internationally renowned suppliers

Security control of the Swiss company SGS, guarantee the absence of toxic substances

We chose Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Beats, and other top-notch companies supplying high-quality world-renowned equipment / products. We have been tested and were officially certified document from the Swiss company’s safety control SGS, and have been certified by RoHS, REACH, FCC, CE. This ensures the safety of the device and the complete absence of toxic and harmful substances, so you can easily use the headphones.

CE Certification                                           FCC Certification

More than 700 different kinds of reliability tests

In addition to the beautiful sound quality and elegant design, the quality of the headphones is the most important. As a result of severe tests,without omissions of any parts testing wear buttons, we can talk about our performance exceeded the standards OST 3 times. Excellent sound effects, high-precision technology, serious quality control all this is possible with high-quality headphones Mi Headphones.


                                             Мi Headphones                                           OST

                                     Durability buttons                      40 0000 times                                       10 0000 times

                                     Bending the cable                      15 000 times                                          5 000 times

                                     Durability headband                    10 000 times                                          8 000 times

                        The wear resistance of steel inserts          18 000 times                                          6 000 times

                               Durability embouchure                       6 000 times                                           3 000 times

                                         Drop test                             1.7m / 18 times                                      1.2m / 6 times

Rich package bundle

In addition to the standard set of headphones Mi Headphones with big and small ear shells and silver-plated cable, adapter also supplied gold-plated 3.5mm x 6.3mm, adapter for aircraft, portable rugged storage pouch headphones. Enjoy and have even more fun with headphones Mi Headphones.


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